About the Food/Menu

3 box choices daily: Meat,Vegetarian, Vegan Open Saturdays in 2020 until May 30

Winter/Spring Menu

Fall/Winter Menu
Nov 1, 2020-Feb 26, 2021

Spring/Summer Menu
June 29-Nov 1, 2020

Something tasty for the meat eater, the vegetarian and the vegan all in one place.

Each box has 4 compartments of good food. The first item listed is the main dish and the others are side dishes. It’s kind of like someone ordered for you at a fancy restaurant:)

Beside the name you will see whether the dish is meat, vegetarian or vegan. 

Tasty Box healthy fast food


Our boxes use healthy ingredients without being in your face about it:) It’s fresh, carefully prepared food that happens to be pretty good for you. Click here for some of our typical ingredients and their healthful properties.