Our Vision

Our mission is to create FOOD that =

healthy + delicious + fast + affordable + portable

We want to:
  • make delicious, craveworthy food for you to enjoy that just happens to be healthy
  • surprise you with interesting flavors you didn't know you could like!
  • create lunch combinations of foods that go together so that you have one less decision to make today
  • provide fast service so you can get on with your day
  • leave you nourished and satisfied, not sluggish or hungry
  • let you and your lunch guests be a flexitarian, vegetarian or vegan
Meet our founder:
"I feel that good food in the right portions is a cornerstone of good health. I created Tastybox because I wanted to offer people a healthy way of eating, quickly and affordably that could compete with the convenience of fast food."
Preethy Kaibara MD